LowCostHotels takes it’s discovery and ranking algorithm very seriously as it’s the basis of our innovative business.

We allow independent hotel owners to list their inventory in our database and get ranked by our algorithms.

We allow 2 types of advertising within the site:

Banners Advertisements

Banners allow you to surface your business alongside with the regular search results. Your ad will be shown separately from the machine generated results, and will allow customers to click on your banners and lead them to the destination of your choice.

Metasearch Marketplace

The marketplace allow you to list the booking site of your choice as one of the price competitors when showing the result. This way we can help you forward customers directly to your booking site instead of going through a middleman OTA. By doing that you can save a decent percentage of the commissions you are paying to OTA.

To get a LowCostHotels representative to get in touch with you regarding any of the options above, please send your contact details to [email protected]