About Low Cost Hotels

Low Cost Hotels is a unique hotels meta-search engine that helps travellers to find good and cheap hotels and compare the best prices available.

LowCostHotels.com (Read more on our technology)helps you buy with confidence, easily compare, filter and sort cheap hotels from hundreds of OTAs, offline suppliers, agency websites and direct hotel inventories.

SmartCost® is our award winning proprietary algorithm behind the recommendation engine. SmartCost® was built bottom-up for the sole-purpose of comparing hundreds of thousands of ranking factors simultaneously, such as hotels, live prices, guest reviews, social signals and other real-world parameters (Read more on our ranking factors). The result is a unique list of great online bargains which other booking sites don’t surface.

We put the Travellers First. We prioritize hotel deals that are best for the cost-saving travellers and maximize their Value-For-Money ratio. While other search sites tend to hide those accommodations (since they generates them less commissions), we put them at the top of the results page.

Our hotels search features help consumers to make smart trade-offs that de-commoditize travel products. When provided with better information from LowCostHotels.com, customers are empowered to make smarter and more confident purchase decisions.

We Are Different

We are different than online travel agencies and hotels meta-search sites:

We Compare Hotels So You Will Know Where to Stay

We have developed a unique algorithm that takes into account many data vectors for each hotel. The SmartCost® algorithm runs many robots simultaneously at any given time to process gigantic sizes of big-data from the internet. Those signals include user reviews, social scores, availability trends and more. Then, combining all of those inputs together with our price-sensitive formula, it allows us to calculate a list of recommended cheap hotels in each city.

We Compare Prices So You Will Get the Best Price

Our robots are constantly crawling through hundreds of booking sites and direct hotels inventories to find the best prices for each hotel. Hotel prices change all the time, and vary between booking sites. Our algorithm catches special deals that can be rarely found on major sites, and allow travellers to book them first.
Each provider that is listed on LowCostHotels.com guarantees to provide high-quality service with low prices so you can buy with confidence.

We Predict Price Changes So You Will Know When to Buy

Our hotels price predictor algorithm calculates with high success rate when fares are going to rise of drop. For some hotels where the prediction confidence level is high we provide a visual indicator to validate whether or not today's rate for a specific hotel is a deal. The prediction algorithm compares each individual hotel's current rate to its observed historical rates and the geographical region’s price changes, and then predicts the future rate trends based using multiple statistical methods.

Based on this prediction, we recommend to buy now or buy later and sorts the search results accordingly.

We Support Suppliers

We are committed to supporting hotel chains as well as independent hotels.
We strive to help our suppliers lower their distribution costs and build customer value while providing our customers the best rates and user experience.

This is why we always chose to show the cheapest prices available even when it causes us lower commissions per reservation.

Since we put the travellers interest first, in many cases we forward the customers to do direct booking in the hotels websites even if we don’t have commission agreements with them.